A Breast Surgeon is a surgeon who has a strong commitment to taking care of patients with breast diseases.  All of our surgeons have a special interest in breast surgery. Some of them have completed a fellowship in Breast Surgical Oncology while others have been practicing it with a dedicated self-interest for many years.

Our surgeons are all experienced and adept at performing all of the procedures required of qualified and competent breast surgeons.


Common Procedures of the Breast Surgeon

Lumpectomy is the removal of the breast cancer with a rim of normal tissue around it while attempting to preserve the breast tissue and maintaining its cosmesis (preservation of natural beauty). This can sometimes need the use of ultrasound in the operating room or placement of wires or seeds in the breast prior to the surgery to help find the cancer and obtain clear margins.

Oncoplastic and minimally invasive breast surgery techniques are used during a lumpectomy to provide the best oncological excision while attempting to preserve or reshape the contours of the breast.  This is important for the patient’s body image and cosmesis.  When combined with plastic surgery, it can be used to perform lumpectomies as part of bilateral reductions or symmetrization procedures with surgery on the contralateral (non-cancerous) breast if desired.

A mastectomy is the removal of the entire breast tissue. This can be done with immediate reconstruction with plastic surgery involvement or delayed reconstruction without concurrent plastic surgery involvement at the time of mastectomy. It can be done with skin sparing and nipple sparing techniques for the most natural look in a reconstructed breast when possible.

Sentinel node biopsy and axillary dissection is the sampling of a few lymph nodes in the axilla to check them for cancer using the guidance of two dyes a radioisotope dye and a blue dye to help find the lymph nodes. If all the sampled nodes are positive for cancer cells an axillary dissection is required which involves removal of all the lymph nods in the armpit.

An excisional biopsy is when a mass is removed due to growth or pain. Others need to be removed for a definitive diagnosis. This is a procedure during which the surgeon takes much less tissue than in a lumpectomy and uses hidden scars whenever possible.


What is breast reconstructive surgery?

Breast reconstruction attempts to restore the breasts to their natural shape.  Some patients need to have their breast(s) reconstructed after cancer treatment for a variety of reasons.  During this surgery the goal is to repair any indentations or irregularities.  When possible, it’s advantageous to preform reconstructive surgery at the same time as breast cancer surgery.