Our Philosophy

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers was founded in 1993 by Dr. Parvinderjit Khanuja.  Over time Ironwood has grown throughout metro Phoenix by merging with other patient-centered, high-quality cancer care providers and oncology practices.  Notable mergers included Desert Oncology the practice of Dr. Jon Paul Rubach, and Dr. Marvin Chassin, and Southwest Oncology founded by Dr. Jeffrey Issacs.  These strategic mergers have allowed Ironwood to offer Academic Cancer Care in a Community Setting.

Today Ironwood has grown to 15 locations including 5 comprehensive cancer centers, a multi-specialty oncology network of over 100 providers, a robust Integrative Services program, a dedicated research department, and a growing Women’s oncology program.  With over 700 employees our mission is Compassion through Kindness.

Each of our five comprehensive cancer centers offers a multi-disciplinary approach to our patients.  Services include Radiation & Medical Oncology, CT & PET diagnostic imaging, state of the art radiation and the latest chemo & immunotherapy treatments.  Additionally, all five centers respectively offer Women’s oncology services as well.  Having all these services under one roof allows for daily collaboration among the different specialties and expedited personalized care.

At Ironwood we are very proud to offer a robust Integrative Oncology Services program.  Integrative services include consultations with Dr. Heidi Rula, social work and registered dietitians as well as acupuncture, massage and aromatherapy services.  Additionally, we offer a wide variety of support classes and groups for our patients, their families, and caregivers including art, drumming, Breast Cancer Support and Prostate Cancer Support groups and many others.  Because Ironwood is dedicated to the whole patient, we proudly offer many of these services at little or no cost to our patients.

Ironwood has invested in a Research program devoted to assisting patients to obtain greater access to groundbreaking oncology medications.  Ironwood has been instrumental in getting new oncology drugs approved by the FDA through aggressive participation in multiple clinical trials.

Long ago the Ironwood Tree was selected as our logo, with its dense wood, lush canopy, and deep roots the Ironwood tree can grow up to 45 feet tall and live as long as 1,500 years. It is only found in the Sonoran Desert and is highly valued for its ability to nurse growing plants and animals by providing much-needed shade, shelter, and nutrients in an often unforgiving environment. Like the Ironwood Tree in the Sonoran Desert, Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers offers hope, support, and strength in your personal battle against cancer. Accessing the best cancer should not be part of the battle and this is why we offer Academic Cancer Care in a Community Setting.

Our Mission

To serve the community by providing quality, comprehensive cancer care that respects and values the needs of each individual.

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