Posted 7 years ago

Can Genetic Testing Kits Determine Cancer Risk?

Advertisements for genetic testing kits are everywhere you look lately.  The appeal is easy to understand.  Who doesn’t want to know more about where they came from?  It’s a marvelous testament to technology that a sample of saliva can reveal our genetic history.  It’s interesting to discover genetic lineage but what can these tests tell us about health risk?


We sat down with Certified Genetic Counselor Mandy Kass from Ironwood Women’s Centers to get some perspective.   It turns out that, like your DNA, it’s complicated!  Your genetic information is not a crystal ball but can reveal factors that can make you more prone to certain health conditions.  Direct to consumer genetic testing don’t tell you anything about cancer risk at this point in time.   Speak with your provider or genetic counselor in Arizona for help interpreting your genetic report.

Watch Mandy’s video for more information!