Lifestyle & Cancer Prevention

Posted 4 years ago

Lifestyle & Cancer Prevention

Lifestyle & Cancer Prevention with Integrative Oncologist, Dr. Heidi Rula, and Medical Oncologist, Dr. Tara Iyengar, on ABC 15 Sonoran Living. Studies show that up to 50% of cancers are related to your lifestyle. A poor diet and higher body mass index can significantly increase your risk of developing cancer.

According to Dr. Rula, “Only 5 – 10% of cancers are inherited, when the majority are from modifiable lifestyle behaviors.” The Integrative Oncology department at Ironwood Cancer & Research Center’s focus is to improve our patient’s quality of life while treating cancer with conventional oncology care.

When asked how a simple change in your diet matters, Dr. Iyengar said, “The body mass index that shared in studies relates to how much body fat you have in general, especially as it relates to breast cancer patients.  .” Dr. Iyengar specializes in breast and hematologic malignancies.  She is able to balance the benefits of standard treatments with cutting edge clinical trial data.

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers has a comprehensive approach to treating cancer.  Each patient can see our registered dietitians for nutritional counseling and our Integrative Services team for emotional support.  Learn more about recommended diets and supplements that you can incorporate into the lifestyle and prevention of cancer in this video.

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