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Posted 5 years ago

Revolutionary Radiation Technology Now Available at Ironwood

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers Offers Advanced Cancer Treatments with Elekta Versa HD™

Elekta Versa HD arriving in Chandler from the United Kingdom.

Elekta Versa HD arriving in Chandler from the United Kingdom.

Chandler, AZ – Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers located at 685 S. Dobson Rd. Chandler, AZ 85224 has purchased the Versa HD™ by Elekta, a revolutionary radiation technology treatment designed to improve patient care.  This radiation technology will only be available in the East Valley at the Ironwood Cancer & Research Center’s Chandler location.

The Versa HD™ provides the flexibility to treat a broad spectrum of tumors throughout the body, while enabling treatment of highly complex cancers that require extreme targeting precision.  This technology will give Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers’ medical providers a leading-edge when treating conditions that are traditionally challenging.

“When we opened Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers over 10 years ago, we invested in cutting-edge technology that was not previously available in the valley. Over the next several years we served as a national show site and hosted educational visits to dozens of cancer centers, including the University of Wisconsin, the University of Nebraska, Northwestern University, and Vanderbilt.” Says Ironwood Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Charles Woo.

Revolutionary Radiation Technology Dr. Charles Woo

Radiation Oncologist, Dr. Charles Woo standing in front of the new Elekta Versa HD. Photo Credit: Kimberly Carrillo

The patented technology allows radiation oncologists to administer higher dose rates that can enhance treatment effectiveness while protecting critical structures such as the heart, spine, or bladder.  The result is faster treatment times, minimizing the risk of movement by patients who are receiving treatment in the vicinity of critical structures.

According to Dr. Woo, “There have been additional improvements in radiation technology over the past few years. In order for our cancer center to continue to provide the latest available technology, we are investing in a new linear accelerator that will allow us to provide the most accurate and effective treatments possible.”

With Versa HD™ Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers is expanding its ability to offer advanced cancer treatment to East Valley communities.  The equipment was delivered to Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in August 2019 and their first patient is scheduled for treatment in October 2019.


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