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Share Your Story: Scott

Our February 2020 testimonial is Share Your Story: Scott.

Scott is a physics teacher at Desert Edge High School. He is dedicated to helping kids get excited about science. He gets students to enroll in physics that typically wouldn’t consider it by placing eye-catching poster boards around campus. Scott creates real-world experiments for his students that make science relatable and fun. He wants more students to prepare for the high-tech and science fields of the future. Imagine a bowling bowl rolling down the school hallways to teach the concept of momentum, and you’ll get an idea of Scott’s methods!  

His knowledge of numbers and equations served him well when he noticed that something wasn’t right with his health. After numerous naturopathic and medical treatments failed to achieve results, he went to a urologist for surgery for prostate cancer. He eventually started radiation treatment for prostate cancer at Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in Glendale. He completed eight weeks of radiation treatments and continues on his path of wellness. 

Scott wanted to share his story to show the importance of using science to fight cancer. Despite being a physics teacher, he knows the importance of support, encouragement, and caring from others in your cancer journey. 

We are thankful for the work Scott does in the community to get young people excited about physics and teaching the next generation of scientists. Given the skills and drive that his students are learning from his physics class, we’re confident that his students will go on to make the world a better place. 

 We want to thank Scott for sharing his journey of cancer treatment and his generous gifts to our staff.   If you are interested in being a part of our Share Your Story Series, please send an email to

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