Posted 4 years ago

We’re Going to Come Out Stronger

Dr. Rajesh Bagai has a wonderful message for the patients of Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers.  He wants us all to know that we are going to come out of this stronger, together.  The medical providers and Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers are committed to keeping our locations open to serve you.

We have created the COVD-19 Update page on our website.  Here you can read more about the actions we are taking as an organization to keep you safe.  There you will find information about scheduling appointments and accessing telehealth. Our Integrative Services team has created Additional Resources to assist with maintianing your well-being while staying at home.  There is also information from the Centers for Disease Control and the Arizona Department of Health.

It’s important for all of us to follow the guidelines that have been set by the CDC.  Your safety is our priority!

About Rajesh Bagai

Rajesh Bagai, MD

Dr. Rajesh Bagai joined Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers in August 2013. He earned his medical degree at the age of 23 from Northeast Ohio Medical University, having completed the six-year honors program in medicine. He completed residency and fellowship training at University Hospitals of Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland.  Dr. Bagai went on to work at the prestigious Cleveland Clinic.

During his time at these institutions, he participated in clinical research trials to develop novel treatment strategies and has presented his findings at the American Society of Clinical Oncology Annual Meeting.

About Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers

Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers (ICRC) is the largest multi-specialty oncology network in the Greater Metro Phoenix area. They have over 100 medical providers, a robust Integrative Services program and a dedicated clinical research department. Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers has 15 valley locations and five comprehensive cancer care centers that offer a multi-disciplinary approach for expedited personalized patient care. For more information, please visit