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Post Breast Surgery Yoga

Yoga may seem like a fitness craze known for its comfortable pants but it’s been around for thousands of years. Yoga is “Citta Vritti Nirodhah” according to Sage Patanjali circa 900 BC. It means Yoga is a practice of controlling the mind. This is done in a step by step path by doing asanas, breathing exercises, pranayama (breath control) and by meditation and relaxation.

Dr. Rashmi Vaidya, a breast surgeon at Ironwood Women’s Centers, uses Yoga to help her patients. She says, “These are some simple exercises to help with post op recovery of range of movement of the arms. They also help breath control and in reduction of anxiety.” Patients have been excited to incorporate Yoga into their breast surgery recovery. On May 31, 2020, Dr. Vaidya lead a Zoom Teleconference on Yoga for Positive Health which you can see here.

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    Rashmi Vaidya

    About Dr. Rashmi Vaidya

    Dr. Vaidya joined Ironwood Women’s Centers in July 2016. Dr. Rashmi Pradhan Vaidya who is double Board Certified in Surgery having trained in both India (2000) and the US (2009) has been practicing exclusively breast surgical oncology since completing her Breast Surgery Fellowship from the Cleveland Clinic in 2009. Dr. Vaidya practices a patient-centered, evidence-based approach to breast cancer treatment. She engages in a collaborative, multidisciplinary breast cancer care for each patient. Decisions regarding the type or the timing of surgery versus chemotherapy are coordinated with medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, and plastic surgeons to optimize the oncological and cosmetic excellence.

    About Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers

    Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers (ICRC) is the largest multi-specialty oncology network in the Greater Metro Phoenix area. They have over 100 medical providers, a robust Integrative Services program and a dedicated clinical research department. Ironwood Cancer & Research Centers has 15 valley locations and five comprehensive cancer care centers that offer a multi-disciplinary approach for expedited personalized patient care. For more information, please visit our website at